If you plan to install a wireless network in your warehouse, office, hospital, school, airport, factory, or retail property, and you need a wireless contractor who offers full services, quality wireless network design & installations and great support, then our QSC program can be your One Stop Shop for all your wireless and cabling needs.

Texwan provides consulting and contracted services to clients in the broadcast, microwave, wireless, and public safety industries. Clients large and small trust us to meet the unique requirements of their individual systems. From top-level strategy to the smallest site detail, we work like a partner with our clients – not just as an integrator or contractor.

Description of services -

  • Site development
  • Project management
  • System engineering and design
  • System installation and integration
  • Emergency support, troubleshooting and maintenance

Depending on the complexity of your project, we will assign a specific QSC partner to perform in the area you need them to perform in. Whether it’s a microwave point to point tower installation to communicate between offices, Bi-Directional Antenna to accept outside cell coverage indoors, or a controller base hard wired or mesh network supporting your Hotel/Resorts High Sped Internet Access, we have the experience and the resources to perform the task.