With so many things to worry about in our hectic world, we want you to have a total peace of mind when it comes to securing your business and personal assets.

We only work with industry-leading manufacturers and install state-of-the-art burglar alarm products. We do not take a “one size fits all” approach — we collaborate with you and design custom systems that fit your specific security needs and your budget.

When we install a burglar alarm system, all potential entry and exit points in your facilities will be secure. Interior devices will detect unauthorized trespassing or activity within the building.

We can protect your most valuable equipment, including PCs, servers or safes with item-specific sensors and 24-hour monitoring. We can also install wireless devices as needed.

Access Control

A valuable part of a comprehensive security system is controlling the access to your facilities and secure areas within them.

Card access control systems allow you to schedule when buildings should be locked and unlocked, grant access to specified users and track employee time and attendance, including breaks.

Control and track entry on and off your property with gate controlled access and use card readers inside the building to keep track of employees on the premises.

You can also turn your access cards into personalized ID badges for employees and guests to easily identify at a glance whether someone is authorized to be on site


Video surveillance can serve as the eyes and ears for your business – tracking, observing and recording the areas that are of most concern to you. Your video surveillance system cameras can also be remotely viewed by placing them on your network or broadcasting them to the web.

Customized video surveillance systems can include:

  • HD Monitors
  • IP Network Video Recorders
  • IP HD and Mega-pixel Cameras
  • Digital Video Recorders
  • Cameras (Indoor / Outdoor / Day / Night)
  • Pan Tilt Zoom
  • Network Management
  • Dome and Mini-Dome
  • Bullet / Vandal Proof
  • Covert Video (thermostat, smoke detector, etc.)
  • Network servers (interface for analog systems and the web)